Zachary Stephen Layton – Family Travel Ideas

24 Dec

Zachary Stephen Layton loves to go on family adventures with his wife and two daughters. Together, they have traveled all over the country together; and they have come to the conclusion that there are certain trip themes that are especially good for vacations. Below are some of the more ideal scenarios for a fun and relaxing family vacation.

Zachary Stephen Layton

Zachary Stephen Layton

Theme Parks

Theme Parks are always a great getaway for families, because there is usually something for everyone. Disney, Universal, Six Flags and Busch Gardens have multiple theme parks all over the country; however there are also theme parks that focus on the unique characteristics of the surrounding area, such as Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.


Sometimes, the serenity of the great outdoors can serve as the perfect setting for bonding with your family. Overnight trips into the woods will rid you of the normal distractions of civilized life, and allow you to get back to the fundamentals of simply enjoying the place you are in and the people you are with. Camping is also the cheapest option for a family vacation, as you save yourself the cost of a hotel room. Hot dogs and s’mores over a campfire is also as enjoyable as it is affordable.

Zachary Stephen Layton loves to take his family on these kinds of trips and more.

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