What You Should Know About Traveling to Southeast Asia

16 Sep

Known for its beautiful beaches and captivating historical sights,Southeast Asia is an inexpensive travel destination in which Globetrotters and backpackers have flocked to year after year. With the fertile and culturally rich landmarks like Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Thailand, and the city of Bangkok, Southeast Asia is a destination that shouldn’t be missed. If you are planning on visiting Southeast Asia, here are a few things you should know about the region and what you can do to create a memorable trip.

Zachary Stephen Layton

If you are planning on making purchases while in Southeast Asia, you should work on your haggling skills. Most vendors don’t put prices on their wares, and when asked, they will offer a price that is quite high. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price as the vendor a few feet away will most likely be selling the same thing.

Partaking in the cuisine in Southeast Asia is a part of the excitement. However, before you grab the nearest piece of meat on a stick, check to see if other patrons are dining on the fare before diving in, and ask to see the free English-written dining guides if you’re feeling a little unsure.

If you want to have an exciting vacation, check out the attractions outside the mini-tourism hubs. While they can be entertaining, you will never know what is just around the corner if you never venture off the beaten path.

Zachary Stephen Layton is a biomedical engineer from Seattle, Washington, who has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia with his family. He warns that you need to keep your personal belongings with you at all times as muggings happen everywhere throughout the region.

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