Setting the Bait – Tips and Tricks for Catching Salmon

22 Aug

Fishing is a popular recreational activity as well as a viable commercial enterprise for millions of people around the world. One of the most popular fish that is sought the world over is the salmon. With their ability to survive in both freshwater and saltwater, salmon can be found in just about every part of the world.

In fact, because salmon is one of the most common fish consumed in the United States, many states have stocking programs to keep lakes and rivers populated and fishermen happy. If you are a novice fisherman, here are some helpful tips to help you catch some salmon the next time you embark on a fishing trip.

Zachary Stephen Layton

•    Sharpen your hooks – keeping your hooks razor sharp will make setting a hook a bit easier. Salmon have thick jaws that make it more difficult to set your hook, especially if your hook is dull.
•    Cast in low light – salmon prefer low lighting conditions making it more desirable for fishermen to fish for salmon when it is overcast. You can also try fishing at dusk or dawn to improve your chances of having a good day.
•    Use the best bait – when you are fishing for salmon, you can’t use just any bait. The best way to attract the salmon to your line is by using live bait known as roe, or eggs.

Zachary Stephen Layton, a biomedical engineer from Seattle, Washington, says that he has found the best success by using the drift fishing technique. When he goes river fishing, he casts his line upstream and lets it drift back down to the area where he thinks the salmon have gathered. He has found that this method produces a more natural presentation of the bait.

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