Three of the Best Places to Visit in the Middle East

14 Aug

The Middle East today may be a war-torn area, filled with political turmoil, and civil unrest. However, it is the most storied and historic regions in the world. The three main religions in the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all derive from the Middle East and claim holy locations in the area. Traveling to the Middle East may be difficult, but it is worth it. Here are three of the most interesting places to travel in the Middle East.

Zachary Stephen Layton

Zachary Stephen Layton

  • Dubai is attractive to those who enjoy grand luxuries. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the largest shopping mall and set of man-made islands that are shaped like palm trees. You can shop, go to the beach, and ski without having to leave Dubai at all.
  • Jerusalem’s main attraction is its historical ties to biblical history. It is home to wonderful markets and important pilgrimage locations such as the Western Wall for Jews, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for Christians, and the Dome of the Rock for Muslims. You can walk through the various neighborhoods that were segregated by religion and ethnicity when huge permanent pilgrimages were made in the early 20th
  • Petra in Jordan is the culmination of the magic and historical wonders that Jordan is home to. Petra is unlike any other ancient city in the world. The city is built out of ancient rock and is attached to the mountainous regions. The city is famous for its beauty and its sunrises and sunsets.

Zachary Stephen Layton is a biomedical engineer in Washington. He, his wife, and two children love to travel in their free time. Traveling to the Middle East is next on their traveling list.

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