Tips For Writing Music

28 Jul

Writing music is for many a fun and relaxing activity that allows them to escape from other people for a short period. When you are writing music, you should never find yourself to be feeling stressed or under pressure. If you do, you are robbing yourself of a relaxing experience. Here are a few tips that may help alleviate your feelings of stress and make the process of writing music more enjoyable.

Zachary Stephen Layton

  • Some musicians find it easier to write lyrics before writing melodies. Lots of musicians do not write lyrics at all, and if you have never written lyrics, you should try because it may inspire your melody writing. Try emphasizing certain words and see if you can match them with a specific melody that you have been developing.
  • Do not build a shell around yourself; be open to listening to all genres of music and different composers. It is okay to take inspiration from others, and it should be encouraged. Listening to other music may clue you in on how other artists construct their songs. Don’t be afraid to copy some riffs or melodies, make your little tweaks and go from there.
  • Music composition software can be a very helpful tool when writing music. It can help you stay organized and allows you keep track of what you have been creating. Some composition software will include a metronome, playback, and input jacks so you can plug in microphones and instruments to your computer.

Zachary Stephen Layton is a biomedical engineer in Washington. In his free time, he enjoys writing music.

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